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Activities on the Veluwe

Activity / Day Out E-chopper in the Veluwe
Mountain biking
Activity / Day out Mountain biking on the Veluwe
Electric bikes
Activity / Day out Electric bikes on the Veluwe
Activity / Day out E-cycling on the Veluwe
CSI Veluwe
Activity / Day out CSI Veluwe on the Veluwe
Tandem Tour
Activity / Day out Tandem ride on the Veluwe

Comments and reviews

All reviews
Mr. Michael Vessies:
"Friendly reception and within no time we were on the rented electric bike. Also returning gin..."
van de Wal:
"they explained well, were helpful, were friendly"
Mrs. Sylvia Houtman:
"Despite the bad weather (Read really very rainy), my daughter and her friends have..."
Mrs. Marianne de Jonge:
"Road bowling was actually expensive for what it was. 2 balls and a score sheet for €64. The pri..."
Ms. Patricia Nijkamp:
"I didn't feel like the staff was very into it. Explanations were very quick, barely got ..."
Mrs. Tamara Schut:
"Fine, the kids had a good time and really liked it. Although they still found some of the questions wa..."
Ms. Gerdine Gaikhorst:
"Nice route, plenty of places to eat along the way. Had a very nice day"
Mr. Matthijs Van der Weide:
"We enjoyed"
Mrs. Daphne van Duin:
"Neatly maintained bikes, with panniers if needed. Friendly and helpful staff "
Mrs. Heleen Van Holten:
"Friendly and thoughtful. The staff collectively exudes a good welcoming atmosphere. Good ..."
Ms. Femke Wijpkema:
" Instruction and staff fine! Do check brakes and tires next time, tire halver..."
Mrs. Iris de Vries:
"It was very nice and the staff is very helpful and friendly. However, it is really careful at the k..."
Mrs. Maaike Van de Ruit:
"Easy to arrange through the website, customer service is easy to reach, friendly reception with tea/cof..."
Mr. Sander De Roos:
"Was very nice and excellently arranged "
Mrs. Rosanne Prinsen:
"We took a very nice e-chopper tour from Otterlo. What beautiful surroundings! And the CSI-ga..."
Mrs. Lynn Kosakoy:
"The service is very friendly and customer-oriented. In addition, the bikes are super nice and despite the..."
Mrs. joyce onverwagt:
"Rented two MTB bikes with my husband for a nice trip on the Veluwe. We were helped by a..."
Mr. Erwin Dik:
"Fun. Was just a shame that who had to do the detectives on the tandem in Staverden. Or didn't they? Nice fie..."
Mrs D Luijten:
"Super fun route and very nice that there are assignments in the route! Had plenty of time and along incredibly beautiful..."
Mrs. Annika van Slooten:
"The kids had a great time. It is fun until 11/12 years. Very hot in the sun though. The location is ..."

Where can you find us?

Outside ride on horseback
Activity / Day out Horseback riding on the Veluwe
Climbing forest Harderwijk
Activity / Day out Klimbos Harderwijk on the Veluwe
Mini Cooper
Activity / Day out Mini Cooper on the Veluwe
Rent a bike
Activity / Day out Renting a bike on the Veluwe
Escape Tour
Activity / Day Out Escape Tour in the Veluwe
Bakfiets (Dutch cargo bike) hire
Activity / Day trip Bakfiets (Dutch cargo bike) renting in the Veluwe
Electric bike incl. entrance Sand Sculptures
Activity / Day out Electric bike incl. entrance Sand sculptures on the Veluwe
Bicycle incl. entrance Sand Sculptures
Activity / Day out Bicycle incl. entrance Sand sculptures on the Veluwe
Climbing forest Garderen
Activity / Day out Klimbos Garderen on the Veluwe
Parent-child tandem
Activity / Day out Parent-child tandem on the Veluwe
Wolfie's tangled expedition
Activity / Day away Wolfies tangled expedition on the Veluwe
Kids bike rental
Activity / Day out Children's bike rental on the Veluwe
5 to 13 years
Fort Vertier
Activity / Day Out Fort Vertier in the Veluwe
Road bowling
Activity / Day Out Road bowling in the Veluwe
Round trip
Activity / Day out Round flight on the Veluwe

Interactive Route

At the Veluwe Specialist , you always set out with a free route. This can be a classic route on paper or an interactive route via the app on your smartphone. Choose the informative variant with highlights or the hilarious fungame. Good for extra entertainment along the way!