Climbing in the Veluwe in
Climbing in the Veluwe in
Climbing in the Veluwe in
Climbing in the Veluwe in
Climbing in the Veluwe in
Climbing in the Veluwe in
Climbing in the Veluwe in
Climbing in the Veluwe in
Climbing in the Veluwe in
Climbing in the Veluwe in
Climbing in the Veluwe in
Climbing in the Veluwe in
Climbing in the Veluwe in
Climbing in the Veluwe in
Climbing in the Veluwe in


From €22.00
Climbing reservation Along the A28 near Harderwijk you will find the new Klimbos Harderwijk. With an endless climbing course, a Free Fall of 16 meters and a spectacular Rollercoaster Zipline, Klimbos Harderwijk is unique in the Veluwe! With the unique fuse system you can enter the trees with a safe feeling. The climbing course in Harderwijk has different levels and heights which you can use for 2.5 hours.

To go climbing, a minimum height of 1.20 m and a maximum weight of 120 kg is applicable. Climbing is suitable for all ages, of course you will receive comprehensive instruction from the certified instructors beforehand. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult. One adult (13 years or older) may accompany a maximum of three children. Someone in the group afraid of heights? That person is of course welcome and may watch for free as the rest of the group scrambles through the forest.

The climbing course
Unlike other climbing forests, Klimbos Harderwijk does not have multiple courses, but one large climbing course where you can climb an unlimited number of different heights and levels. So you can completely determine your own route! From dodging punching balls to bouldering on a climbing wall, the course has various fun climbing elements. There is also a cool zip line course with a final duo-zipline, cool right?

We recommend wearing proper footwear and comfortable-fitting clothing. Long hair should be put up.

  • Children must be at least 6 feet tall
  • Children 12 and under may climb only when accompanied by an accompanying adult (13 and older)
  • One adult may accompany a maximum of three children aged 12 and under in this process
  • It is advisable to wear comfortable-fitting clothing and good footwear
  • Long hair should be put up

Additional booking

Expand your getaway in the Veluwe with various extras. When booking, you can add the following items:

  • Rollercoaster Zipline
  • Free Fall
  • Climbing gloves

Comments and reviews

Bart Vrancken:
"Topbklimbos. Very safe. Good instructions. Beautiful passages."
Ms. ND Ong:
"Just read back."
Tristan Meijer:
"Fun morning we had, with helpful and friendly staff. All courses we had done and were leu..."
Niels de Jong:
"Fine climbing forest. Fun to do once"
Rogier Jurcka:
"We had a nice day. The carpet was unfortunately very heavy and took a little too much energy. Otherwise very good..."
Linda Komans:
"Fun climbing forest where the challenge here is not so much the height as the intensity of the exercises."
Mr. J Staal:
"Nice experience, super friendly! Highly recommended"
Ms. Mirjam Houwen:
"Wonderful way to be very active with a group of different ages."
Mrs J Sterkenburg:
"Totally super "
Mr. Benny Geling:
"wonderful afternoon had with the family, everyone enjoyed from 6 to 70 years old."
Adri van den Brom:
"Nice and varied routes. Too bad there are few green routes."
Helen De Viet:
"Funny climbing forest, not very high but still fun. Nice that all routes were allowed for children va 1,20,..."
Mrs. Cj Middelkoop:
"Great! Lots of instructors and friendly help. Really top notch arrangement! Really highly recommended to go with children..."
Mrs. L.N. Thio:
"We had a very nice afternoon. Nice big llumbos with many different courses. We were unlucky that w..."
Marijke Manden:
"Beautiful location, knowledgeable people, everyone very friendly and helpful. And the routes are really beautiful! ..."
Monique Jansen:
"I find the climbing forest Garderen more fun and beautiful than the climbing forest Hardewijk , I will not recommend you to my..."
Edwin Van der linden:
"Was a fun afternoon "
Mr. H.R. Kloosterman:
"Was very nice, top."
Mrs. L Wischmann:
"Very fun activity with my kids aged 9 and 14!"
Gerlinde Pike:
"Super fun morning had"
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Interactive Route

At the Veluwe Specialist , you always set out with a free route. This can be a classic route on paper or an interactive route via the app on your smartphone. Choose the informative variant with highlights or the hilarious fungame. Good for extra entertainment along the way!

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