Friends outing Gelderland

Where better to go with your friends than Gelderland? Because at the Veluwe Specialist you can book the perfect activities that your friends outing in Gelderland to a true success!

How about a Classic Mini Tour? In the heart of the Veluwe, rent a car from the 70s/80s. Get in and imagine yourself back in time. Of course, you can also do something different and environmentally friendly. Get on a E-Chopper or drive an electric Treadmill through Gelderland! A mountain bike rental and explore Gelderland with it is of course also totally awesome as a friends outing. Get on your mountain bike and ride!

If you're a real daredevil, climb our course at Klimbos Garderen. Do you dare? At a height of 18 metres you will zip wire and climb over one of our three courses in Klimbos Garderen (Gelderland).

Want to explore the city in a fun way? Then book a Escape Tour Harderwijk And make sure you manage to find the secret exit within 2 hours in this city game!

Of course, you can do much more at the Veluwe Specialist.

The best friends outings in Gelderland:

Mountain biking
Activity / Day out Mountain biking on the Veluwe
Activity / Day out E-cycling on the Veluwe
Tandem Tour
Activity / Day out Tandem ride on the Veluwe
Activity / Day Out E-chopper in the Veluwe
Climbing forest Garderen
Activity / Day out Klimbos Garderen on the Veluwe