Escape Tour on the Veluwe in
Escape Tour on the Veluwe in
Escape Tour on the Veluwe in
Escape Tour on the Veluwe in
Escape Tour on the Veluwe in
Escape Tour on the Veluwe in
Escape Tour on the Veluwe in
Escape Tour on the Veluwe in
Escape Tour on the Veluwe in
Escape Tour on the Veluwe in
Escape Tour on the Veluwe in
Escape Tour on the Veluwe in
Escape Tour on the Veluwe in
Escape Tour on the Veluwe in

Escape Tour

From 29.95
Escape Tour booking The Veluwe is surrounded by the cozy cities of Harderwijk, Amersfoort, Arnhem, Apeldoorn, Deventer, Kampen and Zwolle. Each city has its own characteristics and nice spots. Would you like to discover these cities in a totally different way? Then choose a Escape Tour! With Escape Tour you try to find the secret exit of the city in teams of 2-4 persons within 2 hours. Will you take on this fun challenge with friends, family or colleagues?

In addition to the Veluwe cities, Escape Tour can be played in more than 45 cities in the Netherlands and more than 175 cities worldwide. Discover all Escape Tours via:

  • With teams of 4, you can have an activity for as little as €7.50 per person!
  • To be played in teams of 2-4 people
  • Start the game whenever you want
  • Play time is approximately 2 hours
  • To be played in more than 45 Dutch cities

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play the Escape Tour at any time of day?

    Yes, you can decide what time you want to play the game. You play the game on your own smartphone and there is no attendant present. By following all the instructions you receive by mail you can start the game whenever you want. However, some places may be less accessible late at night. Therefore, we recommend playing Escape Tour during the day or early evening.

  • Is the Escape Tour suitable for all ages?

    The Escape Tour is made for adults and children ages 12 and up. This means that the riddles and questions are soon too difficult for small children. Thereby, the storyline is based on the city's history and the text is written for adult humor.

    Still, some children already really enjoy the occasional solution or navigation with the smartphone (the game generation), for them it might be fun to go along. For the younger kids we made 3 family versions of Amersfoort, Amsterdam and Zwolle.

  • Is the Escape Tour available in other languages as well?

    The Escape Tours can be played in multiple languages. Book them through the website of Escape Tours. On the cities page you can see exactly in which languages a city can be played by means of the flags behind the city names. All cities can be played in Dutch and English, and sometimes also in another language.

    Is there only a Dutch flag for now? Then it means that the translations are still to come. So keep an eye on the website!

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Comments and reviews

Ms. Marije van Ulden:
"Very fun way with varied assignments to get to know a city! "
Ms. Koosje Naberman:
"Really fun way to discover Deventer and we learned a lot as well! Highly recommended"
Mr. Peter Hartog:
"Very nice to get to know details in the city this way "
Mr. Jonas Goard:
"Much nicer than I expected. After 40 years of being born, raised and living in my city, I am bym..."
Ms. Marieke van de Pol:
"What a fun experience. You see beautiful parts of the city, learn about the history and sometimes imagine yourself really..."
Mrs. Christa Scherpenzeel:
"Super fun escape tour. Seen and heard a lot about the city . Have been to places I never ..."
Ms. Helene Koolhoven:
"Fun game! It seemed like there were a few things that didn't make sense but that didn't detract from the leu..."
Ms. Famke Westerhout:
"Very cool to do! "
Mr. Rein Bosgra:
"Again nice route! There was work on one stretch, but you can't avoid that of course. "
Ms. Manon Groeneweg:
"Very nice tour of Deventer, giving you a lot what the city gets to see and learn!"
Mrs. Donna Van Eldik:
"We had a super fun game and really recommend it!"
Mr. Jan Nijland:
"Nice way to get to know Harderwijk. Gives a different picture of this place "
Mrs. Hetty Zielman:
"The tour was very nice, unfortunately the app did not work well for two of the three groups. Because of this we d..."
Carmen Kim:
"Explored the small streets of Zutphen on a fun tour, at your own pace, relaxed and suitable for all ..."
Mrs. Marjolein Bel Hocein:
"Now 5th escape tour that we have done through this website. Says enough I think ;-) Again sea..."
Ms. Marloes Siemerink:
"Was very nice. Beginning a little awkward. "
Bas Greve:
"Very nice way to get to know the city "
Mrs. Linda Bellettini:
"Very nice again. After Den Bosch now Amersfoort. Very nice city."
Mrs. Bep Kalse:
"How much we enjoyed the Escape Tours in Harderwijk. Everything was well arranged, it was a very pleasant ..."
Mrs. Carla Bremer:
"It was very nice and clear. At the wall there was 1 cannon hole behind a door."
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