Parent-child tandem on the Veluwe in
Parent-child tandem on the Veluwe in
Parent-child tandem on the Veluwe in
Parent-child tandem on the Veluwe in
Parent-child tandem on the Veluwe in
Parent-child tandem on the Veluwe in
Parent-child tandem on the Veluwe in

Parent-child tandem

From 29.50
Parent-child tandem reservation The parent-child tandem is made for fun and long bike ride across the Veluwe. You enjoy a nice day out with the children, because it is always cozier with the two of you on the bike.

  • The parent-child tandem is suitable for children from 110 cm to 150 cm long
  • Includes free route advice!
  • A bicycle is rented for an entire day, it must be returned no later than 5:30 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I rent the parent-child tandem for several days?

    Yes, should you wish to rent the parent-child tandem for multiple days, you can do so based on availability. The prices you see on the website are per day.

  • Can I choose or create my own route?

    Yes, you can. The staff at the Veluwe Specialist knows the most beautiful places in the area and would also like to help you put together a nice route.

  • From what age can children join the parent-child tandem?

    The saddle and handlebars can be adjusted quite low. This allows children, depending on their height (at least 110 centimeters), to ride on the parent-child tandem from about 5 years old.

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Additional booking

Expand your getaway in the Veluwe with various extras. When booking, you can add the following items:

  • Reception with coffee/tea and cake
  • Nature Game optionally

Comments and reviews

Mrs. Marianne Van mourik:
"Super satisfied with the friendly service of the staff at the branch in Hoenderloo!!! "
Mrs. Marleen Weed:
"Super day. Very nice route and the bikes were comfortable. Kids (7 and 9) really liked it and have..."
Mrs. Sophie Van maaswaal:
"Very fun activity although the tandem is very heavy to go cycling an entire route."
Mrs. Floor Boom:
"Very friendly staff who explain everything to you clearly and enthusiastically. Super fun outing with kids! ..."
Ms. Madelon Van der Velden:
"Tandem in itself is very nice. Unfortunately, the tandems were not technically up to par which made it very zwaa..."
Mr. Marcel Visser:
"Excellent service"
Mr. Rene Gresnigt:
"Friendly staff. Had good explanations. "
Ms. Eva Goudsmit:
"Poorly maintained bikes. One brake did not work properly gear broken. Bike pulled very much to the left. Other fi..."
Mrs. Madelon Van der Velden:
"Top day had with the parent child tandem. Lovely cycling on the Veluwe. Highly recommended for everyone..."
Mr. W van Tent:
"Kindly helped in Hoenderloo with e.g. setting saddles. Parent-child tandem was a suc6. Rode fine. Nice..."
Mr. Yannis De Clercq:
"The tandem had some flaws. The chain was too long causing it to hit the protective c..."
Mrs. Liesbeth Kuijpers:
"Everything was fine only the parent/child tandem was very heavy to cycle with especially uphill was yard zwa..."
Mrs. Maite Harting:
"Super day had, were nicely helped on arrival and return. Condition of the bikes I found not 100%..."
Mr. Jan Taal:
"Especially nice to ride the tandem with child. However, the tandem does need maintenance, rides a bit heavy and..."
Mr. P Hancke:
"Very friendly and helpful staff. Good quality tandem."
Mr. Tim Smulders:
"The bikes - especially now that we are coming out of winter and there has been plenty of time - could use an update..."
Mr. Dennis Huttinga:
"Very friendly and helpful!"
Mr. Jacco Stam:
"Rented 2 parent child tandems. The tandems are relatively expensive for what you get for them, they are somewhat outdated..."
Mrs. Mirjam Bosch:
"Dear people at the Veluwe Specialist Garderen, The cycling itself is very nice, but the service and the m..."
Mrs. A Verriet:
"We are unfortunately not satisfied and will put this in the review on Facebook. Not before an unsatisfied ..."
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Interactive Route

At the Veluwe Specialist , you always set out with a free route. This can be a classic route on paper or an interactive route via the app on your smartphone. Choose the informative variant with highlights or the hilarious fungame. Good for extra entertainment along the way!

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