School trip at the Veluwe Specialist!

As an elementary or secondary school, you would prefer one location where different activities are possible for the students. With us there is a suitable activity for every age group. You park for free, also for coaches. Ask for a quote without obligation.
In addition, AdventurePark Harderwijk is part of Food & Fun, with hospitality chains such as KFC, LaPlace and BurgerKing.

Climbing forest Harderwijk

Klimbos Harderwijk, the coolest school trip! Climbing, scrambling, roping, zip-lining and much more! Did you know there's a duo zipline at Klimbos Harderwijk? How cool is that! You can then compete against each other during your school trip. Klimbos Harderwijk also has a 230-meter zip line and a 16-meter freefall. After 2 ½ hours of climbing, each child receives a real climbing diploma from the instructor, how cool is that! Of course there is lemonade, there are many picnic tables to sit at and ice cream can be eaten.

Fort Vertier

Upon entering the Roman Fort in Harderwijk, the children are all given a bracelet with a tag in it and a group photo with all the kids at the Fort follows before the explanation. The Fort is an interactive 3D labyrinth where the kids play a number of games inside the Fort. The maze is not easy and there is occasional climbing and scrambling before they reach the towers to exit the labyrinth again. They need the bracelets to tag themselves so they can see afterwards how long they took to play a game. Supervisors can take a seat at a covered picnic table and quietly enjoy a cup of coffee or tea from a distance. Or, of course, join them in the maze! A kiosk is available so that ice cream can be eaten during the school trip. Of course, we also have jugs of lemonade and bags of candy or other drinks.


Tracking through the Veluwe forests, how fun is that! You make teams with the children. With an age of 6 to 10, the NatureGame is good to do. Each team must have a smartphone with them, and then you and each team will go on a search for fun assignments, questions and taking augmented photos that will show up on the smartphone. The questions are about nature but they also include fun games. A fun interactive scavenger hunt!

This activity is ideal to do in combination with climbing or a visit to Fort Vertier !