Exploring by mountain bike!

Posted on Friday, January 21, 2022

Your mountain bike is already waiting for you at the Veluwe Specialist branch in Garderen. Put on your helmet and pedal away! It's just a short bike ride to the start of the mountain bike route in Ermelo. A route that is very suitable for beginners, but also fun for advanced riders. Everything gets more exciting with a little speed right? ;)

Before you know it you imagine yourself in the beautiful primeval forest Speulderbos. On the Veluwe better known as 'the forest with the dancing trees'. And then the Ermelo sheepfold looms in the distance. A beautiful building with a thatched roof that shelters some 400 sheep. In the visitor center you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea with some goodies. But you can also do that afterwards, first let's go for a bike ride.

Tear across the false flat on the Ermelo heath and enjoy the wide open views. But don't forget to pay attention, because sometimes a sheep will cross unexpectedly. The short turns and tree roots that run straight across the path also provide plenty of challenge. Bounce the bounce!

Halfway along the route you can refill your water bottle at a water tapping point or enjoy some goodies at the cafes at the edge of the forest. Just catch your breath and move on. On to the barracks! Fun fact, all around the barracks there are signs saying "Beware of UFOs". Keep your eyes open for extraterrestrial life! A little further on you pass the motocross track with an exciting S-bend in the path. Just when you least expect it, you have been warned...

Tired but satisfied you will be guided back to Garderen via the sheepfold and you can look back on a fantastic day! Also want to ride this route? Book your mountain bike at the Veluwe Specialist and go out. See you soon!

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