CSI Veluwe on the Veluwe in
CSI Veluwe on the Veluwe in
CSI Veluwe on the Veluwe in
CSI Veluwe on the Veluwe in
CSI Veluwe on the Veluwe in
CSI Veluwe on the Veluwe in

CSI Veluwe

From 29.95 p.st.
CSI Veluwe booking Discover the exciting CSI murder case game and become detectives for a day! Dive into a mysterious cold case in the atmospheric Veluwe villages. Investigate clues, solve riddles, and unravel the secrets behind a suspicious death all from your smartphone.

  • With teams of 4, you can have an activity for as little as €7.50 per person!
  • Start the game whenever you want
  • Play time is approximately 2 hours
  • To be played in teams of 2-4 people

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play the CSI games at any time of the day?

    Yes, you can decide what time and when you want to play the game, just do so during the day. You play the game on your own smartphone and there is no attendant present. By following all the instructions you will receive by mail you can start the game whenever you want.

  • Are the CSI games playable in English or German?

    No, the game is only available in Dutch.

  • Are the CSI games at the different locations the same?

    No, all CSI games are unique! Each CSI game has its own storyline, its own missions and takes place in a different environment. So you can play multiple CSI games.

  • Is it suitable for children?

    The CSI games are made for adults and children ages 12 and up. This means that the riddles and questions are soon too difficult for small children. In addition, the storyline is based on a murder at the location where you are. Still, some children already really enjoy the occasional solution or navigation with the smartphone (the game generation), for them it might be fun to join.

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Additional booking

Expand your getaway in the Veluwe with various extras. When booking, you can add the following items:

Comments and reviews

Hans Wijnveen:
"Whether the photo/video assignments are fun depends very much on your group. If they don't want to then it's not so much fun...."
Jelle de Kleuver:
"There were some spelling errors d/t in it. The question about what day it was, 4 days before tomorrow's day o.i.d. knock..."
Ms. Mirjam Pieters:
"Clear instructions beforehand, clear game and very interactive. Highly recommended! "
Mrs. Anita van Ravenhorst:
"We would love to see the pictures and videos of the teams back, otherwise very nice!!!"
Ms. Cindy Veldhuis:
"No contact had with staff. Game instructions were not completely clear and also not returned later ..."
Linda van Beijeren:
"Nice game. Too bad you don't get a summary of the winners and such. "
Mrs. Jessica Lust:
"We had a great time playing the game around the estate. Nice setup with three categories and bombs..."
Ms. Katja Reede:
"We would have liked more explanation on how to play the game. Some colleagues only understood after half an hour ..."
Mr. Wim Lubberts:
"Csi was well put together, fun activity "
Mrs. I Beerstecher:
"Very nice game in beautiful setting. "
Mien Klopman:
"The game itself was fun, occasionally unclear. As missed is perceived that there is no result. Would have liked..."
Raymond van Bakel:
"A beautiful area with many opportunities. In the assignments there are few puzzles and too many photo..."
Gerike Laros:
"After taking the group photo, something didn't go quite right with us and the team name and group names had to be re ..."
Ms. Linda Buitelaar:
"Fun, but snags: unclear how much play time. Several times it was reported another 15 min ..."
Ms. Ad van der Woude:
"The questions and assignments did not have much to do with Staverden. It could just as easily be on another estate..."
Mr. Aart van Dijk:
"tips; a piece of personal explanation of the app and possibilities was missing here. If you are on the csi lo..."
Mrs. jacqueline art:
"After reading quite a few negative reviews, we were concerned about the success of this game..."
Mr. Faisel Ramdas:
"Disappointing game. The app is clear but the clue's don't come in well so we didn't know..."
Mrs. Petra Peters:
"The estate was very beautiful and that made up for the day. The CSI game really sucked! We are avid esc..."
Mrs. A. Methorst:
"It was a very fun activity, but very unfortunate that at the end there were no results of the teams as to who..."
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