Tandem tour of the Veluwe in
Tandem tour of the Veluwe in
Tandem tour of the Veluwe in
Tandem tour of the Veluwe in
Tandem tour of the Veluwe in
Tandem tour of the Veluwe in
Tandem tour of the Veluwe in
Tandem tour of the Veluwe in
Tandem tour of the Veluwe in
Tandem tour of the Veluwe in

Tandem Tour

From 25.00 p.p.
Tandem tour reservation Renting a normal bike too standard? Then choose a tandem, one of the most pleasant ways to cycle around the Veluwe. First try to get on it together without any problems, you will find that this is not always easy. But this brings a lot hilarity. The one in front steers and brakes, and the one behind shows you the way with the map, real teamwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long can I rent a tandem for?

    You can rent the tandem for a half day, full day or several days. In the morning you rent it from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.. In the afternoon from 13.30 to 17.00. And for a whole day from 09.30 to 17.00.

  • Can I choose or create my own route?

    Yes, you can. The staff at the Veluwe Specialist knows the most beautiful places in the area and would also like to help you put together a nice route.

  • Are there different sizes of tandem available?

    No, we have one size tandem available. The saddle can, of course, be adjusted.

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Additional booking

Expand your getaway in the Veluwe with various extras. When booking, you can add the following items:

  • Reception with coffee/tea and cake
  • Escape Tour optionally
  • BBQ afterwards (min. 20 people)

Comments and reviews

Mr. Jaap Dam:
"We were kindly helped and we had a nice trip on a fine tandem. Called in advance for advice..."
Mr. Gerben Hakkert:
"We had rented 4 tandems together with a Sci Garderen. However you rent it with each other but they are ..."
Mr. Stefan Potman:
"Solid company with friendly service, good bikes and a free fun bike tour included. Happy with it!..."
Mrs. Annelies Loonstra-Verbeek:
"Good instructions, good help. "
Mrs. Iris Scholte:
"We were helped quickly and there was a lot of choice in routes. Unfortunately, one of the tandems was less fine: it sch..."
Mrs. Anja van Roekel:
"Kindly helped and clear explanation. Fine advice on the route we were going to cycle."
Mrs. Linda Achterberg:
"Super fun to do. We had a very successful afternoon. Great help from the staff...."
Mrs. Ellen Masselink:
"everything fine"
Mrs. Mieke Willems:
"Incredibly fun forest and moorland route! On a tandem is cozy!"
Mrs. RW Robeerst:
"Friendly staff. I personally find the route according to the numbered nodes more difficult to follow ..."
Mrs. Inge Smit:
"Very nice staff!"
Mr. Henk-Jan Klaver:
"Well served "
Mrs. Paulien Eppinga:
"Heavy tandem, pedal very slippery. Rear handlebars loose so you can stall the tamdem better . However with..."
Mr. Jan de Boer:
"We enjoyed today the 2 tandems we rented almost the whole day. A saddle and a handlebar..."
Mrs. Jetske Van der Bos:
"We rented a Bakfiets (Dutch cargo bike) and a tandem. The staff was friendly. A pity though that there were g..."
Mrs. Maria Gunnewijk:
"It was a wonderful afternoon on the tandem."
Mrs. Jitske Baas:
"Fine and friendly reception. Also very pleasant when handing in"
Mrs. Janneke Zijderveld:
"We would have liked to have purchased a route on a small map with some explanations from you. Everything was absol..."
Mrs. Sietske Friesen:
Mrs. Muriel Brandenburg:
"We had a pleasant and fun day. Staff who explained to us and were on present t..."
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Interactive Route

At the Veluwe Specialist , you always set out with a free route. This can be a classic route on paper or an interactive route via the app on your smartphone. Choose the informative variant with highlights or the hilarious fungame. Good for extra entertainment along the way!

Sights nearby

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