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Veluwe Specialist Garderen

   Dorpsstraat 28, 3886 AS Garderen

Come to the Veluwe Specialist Garderen and be welcomed in the bike café and then set off on E-choppers, walkers or E-bikes. Of course including free routes, local tips and use of a bike bag. Are you with a group? Then join us afterwards for a bbq at our specially equipped location just a 5-minute drive from Garderen. Great as a conclusion of a family day, company outing or an outing with friends. We look forward to seeing you in Garderen!


Activity / Day Out E-chopper  in the Veluwe
Activity / Day out E-bike on the Veluwe
Nature Game Garderen | Dancing Trees
Activity / Day Out Nature Game Garderen | Dancing Trees on the Veluwe
Electric bicycle
Activity / Day out Electric bike on the Veluwe
Mountain biking
Activity / Day out ZZ Mountain biking - do not remove on the Veluwe
CSI Staverden
Activity / Day out CSI Staverden on the Veluwe
7-speed unisex bicycle
Activity / Day away 7-speed unisex bike on the Veluwe
Tandem tour
Activity / Day out Tandem tour on the Veluwe
Bakfiets (Dutch cargo bike) (electric)
Activity / Day trip Bakfiets (Dutch cargo bike) (electric) on the Veluwe
Road bowling
Activity / Day Out Road bowling in the Veluwe
Activity / Day out Climbing in the Veluwe
Escape Tour Harderwijk
Activity / Day trip Harderwijk on the Veluwe
Children's bicycle Garderen
Activity / Day away ZZ Children's bike - do not remove on the Veluwe
Round trip Veluwe
Activity / Day trip Rondvlucht Veluwe on the Veluwe
Outside ride on horseback
Activity / Day out Horseback riding on the Veluwe

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