Wolfie's tangled expedition on the Veluwe in
Wolfie's tangled expedition on the Veluwe in
Wolfie's tangled expedition on the Veluwe in
Wolfie's tangled expedition on the Veluwe in
Wolfie's tangled expedition on the Veluwe in

Wolfie's tangled expedition

From 7.99 p.st.
Booking Wolfie's tangled expedition HELP! Something terrible is going on in the Veluwe. As a real sleuth, can you help the confused wolf Wolfie get all the answers he needs on his adventure?

You will set off and receive fun, challenging and exciting assignments along the way via the app. You will walk a beautiful route through forests, sand drifts, over moors or other typical natural areas. Which expedition will you be the first to help Wolfie?

  • The game is suitable for the whole family!
  • Start the game whenever you want
  • Play time is approximately 90 minutes
  • Also to be played in other nature reserves in the Netherlands

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play Wolfie's tangled expedition 24/7?

    You play the Wolfies tangled expedition at your convenience. The game is always played in nature. Because of this, you should note that you may play the Nature Game between sunrise and sunset.

  • Do you need an Internet connection to play the Wolfies tangled expedition?

    You only need an Internet connection when logging in. While playing Wolfie's tangled expedition, you do not use the Internet.

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Comments and reviews

Aniek Notten:
"The route was sometimes a bit unclear. It was also not clear beforehand how many km it was. "
Mrs. Bertine Schokker:
"The app is not quite up to date. For 2 questions the answers were not correct. Fallen trees e.g. ..."
Mrs. Leontien Dorlandt:
"Very fun day experienced with the four of us. Went super fun with the questions and assignments and good to do for..."
Carin Nieuwenhuize:
"Great fun for the kids, makes hiking with kids a lot more fun and adventurous! Wonderful hike..."
Mrs. Claire Van Wees:
"A super fun walk with really fun questions and assignments. Makes hiking just a little inter active..."
Hannah van der Blij:
"We ran the scavenger hunt "trial" with 2 adults, to test for my child's party..."
Ingrid Van Beek:
"Super fun to do with kids. We did it with 2 boys 6 and 8 and they loved it. Downside is..."
Denise Pater:
"There was plenty of fishing at the castle garden!...is the answer to the question about this correct? And we came by chance..."
Kristina Kerbel:
"We had a fantastic time during our walk in Garderen. The route was well-marked, making it easy to navigate, a..."
Jennie Oosterkamp:
"Very nice to do the walk with the assignments. Especially when you walk with two teams at the same time and one..."
S Maarse:
"Super fun!"
R Verver:
"Very nice and beautiful forest with fun assignments. Might be nice to have more questions about the insects/animals di..."
Odette Marsman:
"We had problems logging in, but the remote employee helped us very well and quickly so that..."
Esther Drent:
"Super fun to do. For 1 question I would ask to check the answer. Is about the name of a manne..."
Mr. Stephano Sabandar:
"Top game fun for young and old and a wonderful walk through beautiful area "
Daphne Stuurman:
"Very nice! Just couldn't find the first sign and unfortunately the weather wasn't cooperating."
Mr. Leo van Rooijen:
"Fun cozy family activity. Very instructive"
M. Toetenel:
"Very nice route bit pricey though "
W. Wouters:
"Was really fun to do, nice walk, nice lot of questions and assignments. At the first question they saw a fresh..."
Benjamin Sikma:
"Nice walk, it took us a little over an hour including picnic. 2 answers were not to..."
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