Day trip Veluwe

A wonderful day out start at FietsCafe de Veluwe Specialist. After coffee/tea, you will leave to explore the Veluwe by tandem, GPS, E-Chopper, (electric) bicycles, E-Fatbike or mountain bike. You can go straight into nature. The Veluwe is one of the most beautiful areas in the Netherlands. Ideal to spend your day away there!

You can also see the area in a different way. Go on a day out with a Mini Cooper. Drive through the countryside with this characteristic car. Don't forget to stop along the way for a delicious drink or a nice lunch?

Maybe you'd rather do a game while exploring the Veluwe. How about during your day away on the Veluwe to go Road bowling? Throw the ball over the course in as few throws as possible. During this activity you will enjoy nature and have a lot of fun playing the game. Combine this with a GPS tour over the Veluwe or go climbing in Climbing forest Garderen, an absolute highlight during your day out!

Want to explore the city in a fun way? Then check out our Escape Tour in Amersfoort, Harderwijk or Zwolle And make sure you manage to find the city's secret exit within 2 hours in this city game!

A day out starts at FietsCafe the Veluwe Specialist. Check out all of our day trips.

The best days out on the Veluwe:

Electric bikes
Activity / Day out Electric bikes on the Veluwe
Tandem Tour
Activity / Day out Tandem ride on the Veluwe
Outside ride on horseback
Activity / Day out Horseback riding on the Veluwe
Mini Cooper
Activity / Day out Mini Cooper on the Veluwe
Climbing forest Garderen
Activity / Day out Klimbos Garderen on the Veluwe