Schovenhorst Estate

Schovenhorst Estate


Schovenhorst estate is not only the oldest pinteum (conifer garden) in the Netherlands, you can also have a nice lunch here at the brasserie. Near the estate is Schovenhorst's forest tower, which has 235 steps and is 40 meters high. From the top of the tower you look over the treetops and have a view of Amersfoort, the Veluwe and the windmills in the Polder. Each platform has its own obstacles, such as glass plates, a climbing net with stairs, net boxes and peepholes to see how a bird makes a nest. In other words, it is highly recommended for young and old alike!

Bike route along Schovenhorst Estate?

See below which bike routes you can take and from which location you can depart!

Off to the Posbank!

Departure from: Hoenderloo

A gem of a route. You will cycle towards the hamlet of Woeste Hoeve. Here, quickly look for the interesting mural! Cycling through the...