Veluwe Specialist Uddel

   Garderenseweg 136, 3888 LD Uddel

Come to Veluwe Specialist Uddel and explore the Veluwe with our unique means of transportation. Will you choose the popular E-choppers or the funny E-runners? Prefer to pedal yourself? Then get on the tandems. And if you like nostalgia, of course you have to go out with the classic Mini Coopers! Of course, everything includes local tips and free routes!

Our location in Uddel is specially equipped for large groups. So do you want to organize a fun outing with friends, family or colleagues including a BBQ? Then you can in Uddel!


Activity / Day Out E-chopper  in the Veluwe
Activity / Day out E-bike on the Veluwe
Mini Cooper
Activity / Day out Mini Cooper on the Veluwe
Electric bicycle
Activity / Day out Electric bike on the Veluwe
CSI Staverden
Activity / Day out CSI Staverden on the Veluwe
Tandem tour
Activity / Day out Tandem tour on the Veluwe
Bakfiets (Dutch cargo bike) (electric)
Activity / Day trip Bakfiets (Dutch cargo bike) (electric) on the Veluwe
Road bowling
Activity / Day Out Road bowling  in the Veluwe
Nature Game Uddel | Along the Lake
Activity / Day trip Nature Game Uddel | Along the lake in the Veluwe
7-speed unisex bicycle
Activity / Day away 7-speed unisex bike on the Veluwe
Escape Tour Apeldoorn
Activity / Day trip Apeldoorn on the Veluwe
Round trip Veluwe
Activity / Day trip Rondvlucht Veluwe on the Veluwe

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