The Hidden Village

The Hidden Village


The Hidden Village was a hiding place for people in hiding during World War II Between April 1943 and October 1944, 80 to 100 people fleeing the German occupiers found safe shelter here in varying compositions. The camp is also known as the "Secret Village" or better known as the "Pas Op" camp. This because of its location on the Pas-Opweg and because many highwaymen used to operate on this trade route. The camp consisted of 9 huts, some of which were semi-underground and others that rose above the ground. You could find a wooden house, a barrack, a log cabin made of pine logs, huts made of Dempo sheets and wooden cottages with roofs made of straw, among others. Currently, 3 reconstructed huts still stand. The camp housed Jews, resistance fighters, Allies, a Russian and a German deserter, among others. In Vierhouten, you can visit the Hidden Village Museum.

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