E-running bike on the Veluwe in
E-running bike on the Veluwe in
E-running bike on the Veluwe in
E-running bike on the Veluwe in
E-running bike on the Veluwe in
E-running bike on the Veluwe in
E-running bike on the Veluwe in


From €37.50 p.p.
Also available in: Garderen, Harderwijk, Otterlo
E-bike reservation Explore the Veluwe in a unique way with an E-bike. With this funny means of transport you 'walk' a beautiful and long route. While walking you reach the speed of a bicycle. This allows you to walk in a relaxed manner, and most of all to enjoy the surroundings.

Of course, the route starts in Uddel, in the middle of the Veluwe. Before departure, the Veluwe Specialist employee explains not only the E-bike, but also all the nice spots in the area. For example, you will pass Kasteel Staverden, the Solse Gat and the cozy restaurant Boshuis Drie. After the start you are within minutes in the woods or on a beautiful heathland.

At our Uddel location, you can enjoy a snack and drink on the large terrace afterwards. You can also choose to do an air rifle or hand archery clinic after the E-bike ride. And of course this includes a cozy BBQ to end the day! Perfect for a group outing with friends, family or colleagues.

  • We maintain a minimum age of 13 years
  • We ask up to 4 persons €150,- deposit per reservation. For more persons we ask €250,- deposit per reservation. This amount can be pre-paid in the store.
  • With the E-loop bikes you ride a fixed route across the Veluwe, this cannot be deviated from

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does a route take?

    You rent the e-bike for 2 hours and 45 minutes. The route is designed so that it is possible to take a small break at, for example, a catering establishment.

  • Does the route I am given also take me past catering establishments?

    Yes, the route passes at least two catering establishments.

  • Is the e-bike accessible to everyone?

    No, the e-bike is not suitable for everyone. You must be able to walk well and still participate in faster traffic. This is because of a pedal assist that can multiply your speed to a maximum of 25 km/h.

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Additional booking

Expand your getaway in the Veluwe with various extras. When booking, you can add the following items:

  • Reception with coffee/tea and cake
  • Surrender of excess
  • BBQ afterwards (min. 20 people)
  • Escape Tour optionally

Interactive Route

At the Veluwe Specialist , you always set out with a free route. This can be a classic route on paper or an interactive route via the app on your smartphone. Choose the informative variant with highlights or the hilarious fungame. Good for extra entertainment along the way!

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