Frequently Asked Questions

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    Questions about activities
  • How long do the activities last?

    The duration of an activity depends on the chosen means of transportation. Some vehicles we rent for a whole day (09:30 to close). Other means of transportation we rent in certain time blocks. The times and options can be found with the activity.

  • Should I be back within the specified time frame?

    Yes, if you have reserved for the morning block, for example, the materials may be re-rented in the afternoon. That is why we ask you to be back at the indicated time at the latest. The routes include several catering establishments, the time schedule also takes into account several stops.

  • Can I combine activities?

    This is done a lot. Especially also with family/friends outings; see as an example the possibilities at the group outings. Do you have a question about other combinations or whether it will fit into your schedule please contact us by phone. We will gladly help you.

  • Can I combine an activity of the Veluwe Specialist with an overnight stay?

    Yes, the Veluwe Specialist has contacts with several hotels, campsites, bungalow parks, group accommodations and B&Bs.
    Click here for the hotels.
    Click here for the campsites and bungalow parks.
    Click here for the group accommodations
    Click here for the Bed & Breakfasts

  • Can I book an activity with lunch included?

    All of our (bicycle) routes pass by various catering locations, where you can have lunch if you wish. For groups we have the possibility to book a lunch buffet. This is possible at the Harderwijk or Uddel branch. Please contact us by phone or via

  • Can I bring my own food and drink for the road?

    Yes, of course you are allowed to bring your own food and drinks. Nice to have a picnic somewhere along the way!

  • May I change vehicles along the way?

    If you have made a combination of different materials such as E-choppers and E-Loop bikes you are free to switch between them. You are not stuck with one vehicle. Just keep in mind that you have to fill out the forms for both materials. Please note that for the E-chopper you must have a valid driver's license and/or moped certificate.

  • Can I rent materials for several days?

    Tandems, E-bikes, normal gear bikes, children's bikes, electric cargo bikes and parent-child tandems are available for rent for several days. Other materials are only rented by the day or part of the day.

  • Do you also sell cycling maps showing the cycling junctions?

    Yes, you have with us the possibility to purchase Falk cycling maps. This is a map of the entire Veluwe.

  • Questions about booking
  • Do reservations need to be made in advance?

    To avoid disappointment, we recommend booking online in advance.

  • How can I make a reservation?

    You can reserve by clicking the activity online and clicking the reserve button. Here a fill-in schedule follows, showing exactly what is available. So you know exactly whether there is still availability for your desired activity and you can book and pay for it immediately. You will then receive a confirmation email of the reservation.

  • Can I book multiple activities at the same time?

    Yes, you can put the first activity in your basket and then add a second activity. For example, if you want to book for 20 people, you can combine 10x E-chopper riding and 5x tandem.

  • Can I also place an activity on option?

    This is not possible. If you want to make sure your activity is available you will have to reserve it.

  • I would like to make reservations for the evening, is that possible?

    Our standard opening hours are from 9:30 am - 5:30 pm. With a minimum spend, it is possible for us to stay open longer. Always contact us for this for a customized proposal.

  • Can I cancel my activity?
  • I am coming with fewer people. Is there anything I can do about that?
  • Will the activity continue if the weather is bad?

    All of our activities will continue as usual in case of rain. Only in case of severe weather, such as hail, thunderstorms or heavy gusts of wind, we choose not to continue the activity. We will contact you and offer a solution. As long as you do not hear from us, the activity will continue as usual. For more information check our terms and conditions.

  • Questions about payment
  • How can I pay at the Veluwe Specialist?

    You can pay with us by pin or iDEAL, we do not take cash payments. If you book in advance you can only pay via iDEAL and it is not possible to pay by pin on location. If you do not want to pay in advance you can only book on the day itself and pay by pin at the start of the activity. For Belgian or German customers there is the possibility to pay with Bancontact/MisterCash or GiroPay.

  • How do I make an iDEAL payment?

    Right after the reservation schedule you will be directed to the iDEAL payment. Choose your bank and you can start the payment with it. Meanwhile you will receive a confirmation email of the reservation and the moment the payment is processed you will also receive a payment confirmation of this.

  • What is the minimum spending requirement?

    When you want to book an activity, the minimum spend is the minimum price you pay to book the package.

  • Questions about location
  • Where is the Veluwe Specialist located?

    The Veluwe Specialist is located in Garderen, Harderwijk, Hoenderloo, Otterlo and Uddel. Address details can be found on our contact page.

  • Where can I park in Garderen?

    At Veluwe Specialist in Garderen, you can park at the church in the village or at the Village Hall the Wardborg. Both parking places are free

  • Is there an opportunity to barbecue afterwards?

    At our locations in Uddel and Harderwijk we have a large terrace where you can have a nice barbecue with large groups. This is possible as of 20 persons. Click here for the BBQ arrangements.

  • Is there a changing room available?

    There are restrooms at all locations, where it is possible to change clothes briefly.

  • Is there a disabled restroom available?

    Unfortunately, we do not have a dedicated disabled restroom at any of our locations.

  • Can I also use on-site catering without having done an activity at the Veluwe Specialist?

    At the locations in Garderen and Harderwijk we have a Bicycle Café where you can always take a seat for a nice cup of coffee/tea with some goodies!

  • Where can I park in Otterlo?

    Behind the Veluwe Specialist is a large meadow made available by Otterlo business owners. Here you may park freely.

  • Questions about identification
  • Do I have to provide identification at Veluwe Specialist ?

    Yes, at the start of the activity you must identify yourself.

  • What should I bring when I rent something from the Veluwe Specialist?

    We always ask you to make a copy of an ID card or driver's license. This is a form of deposit. We use covers here, so that only the data we are legally allowed to copy is copied. We also require a deposit for some activities. This is always listed with the activities. Finally, of course, we like it if you bring your good mood!

  • Questions about group composition
  • What is the maximum group size?

    There is no maximum group size. Would you like to make reservations for more people than our online inventory indicates? Then contact us and we will look at the possibilities together.

  • What is the minimum group size?

    Activities can be booked with us starting from 2 people. The mountain bikes, e-bikes and normal bikes can be booked from 1 person.

  • Can I also go to Veluwe Specialist for a company outing?

    The Veluwe Specialist focuses primarily on private and small corporate events. For large requests, we work closely with SOS Events. SOS Events is known for its customization and large range of activities. For a tailor-made company outing you can also contact SOS Events. You can do this by calling 0577-401506 or sending an e-mail to Would you like to get an impression of what SOS Events has to offer? Then click here.

  • Questions about gift certificates
  • Can I also gift the activities of the Veluwe Specialist ?

    Yes, the Veluwe Specialist has a Giftcard! Various amounts of money are available. The recipient can then decide which activity to choose. For example, you can gift a E-chopper tour for 2 people! You can order the Giftcard here.

  • How long is a Giftcard valid?

    The gift certificate is valid for 2 years from the time of payment.