The Veluwe Specialist is located in five cozy Veluwe villages. This makes us accessible all over the Veluwe and you can always visit the Veluwe Specialist for a wonderful day out. Even though our branches are located in the middle of nature, the villages are easily accessible, both by private and public transport. For the north of the Veluwe, you can visit Garderen, Uddel and Harderwijk. For the south of the Veluwe and Het Nationale Park De Hoge Veluwe you can visit Veluwe Specialist in Hoenderloo and Otterlo.

Accessibility Garderen

Garderen is centrally located in the Netherlands making it easy to reach this village from all over the Netherlands. From the A1 highway you can reach our office within a few minutes. Garderen is also easily accessible by public transport, as most of the surrounding villages and towns have a train station. Think of Putten, Nunspeet and Apeldoorn, where you can easily take the line bus to Garderen. For example, the line buses line 107 (Putten station), line 104 (Harderwijk station), line 501 and line 676 run through the center of Garderen where the Veluwe Specialist store is also located.

All in all, Garderen is thus accessible in several ways. From the branch you can explore the north of the Veluwe in a fun way with, for example, a E-chopper, tandem or E-bike!

Uddel accessibility

Uddel can also be found in the middle of the Netherlands and is easily accessible. By car from the A1 motorway you can reach Veluwe Specialist within a few minutes. If you choose public transportation, you can easily get to Uddel from Nunspeet station by bus 112 or from Apeldoorn by bus 102, 206 and 104. This takes about half an hour.

From the Uddel location, you'll imagine yourself in the middle of the Veluwe. With varied surroundings full of forest and heathland, this place is perfect for exploring with our various means of transportation.

Accessibility Harderwijk

The Veluwe Specialist is located right next to the A28. This means that from exit 13 Harderwijk you can be at the Veluwe Specialist within two minutes. You can set your navigation to Foodcourt Harderwijk. In fact, our neighbors in Harderwijk are the Burger King, KFC and La Place. The Veluwe Specialist is located next to the beautiful forests and moors of the Veluwe. So enjoy the surroundings with one of our transport vehicles. In addition, you can easily get to this Veluwe Specialist with line bus 206 (station Harderwijk/ Apeldoorn).

Accessibility Hoenderloo

One of the three entrances to The Hoge Veluwe National Park is in Hoenderloo. The park is therefore easily accessible from the Veluwe Specialist in Hoenderloo. By car you can reach Hoenderloo from the A1 near Apeldoorn in just under ten minutes. Also from the A50 it is only a short distance to the Veluwe Specialist establishment. By public transportation, Hoenderloo can be reached by several scheduled buses. From the NS railway station in Arnhem, you can reach Hoenderloo in just over half an hour if you take line bus 105 towards Barneveld. If you come via Apeldoorn, it's best to take bus 108.

From Hoenderloo you can easily discover the south of the Veluwe. Take a ride on an E-bike, E-chopper or discover Het Nationale Park De Hoge Veluwe by (electric) bike.

Otterlo accessibility

Also in Otterlo is one of the entrances to The Hoge Veluwe National Park. Otterlo is centrally located in the Netherlands and is easily accessible from Apeldoorn, Arnhem and Amersfoort. From the A1 and A12 you are within minutes in the center of Otterlo. In addition, from these cities you can also easily reach Otterlo by line buses. In fact, line bus 108 from Apeldoorn/Ede station and line bus 105 from Barneveld/Arnhem station both pass Otterlo every hour.

The surroundings of Otterlo are best explored with one of our fun transportation vehicles. The Veluwe Specialist is located in the middle of the village, but you are soon in the middle of the woods or on the heathlands. You can also very easily visit The National Park by (electric) bike, Bakfiets (Dutch cargo bike) or tandem.