Frequently asked questions Electric bicycle

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    Practical information
  • Is there an opportunity to barbecue afterwards?

    At some locations it is possible to have a barbecue afterwards. This is possible as of 20 persons. Click here for the BBQ arrangements.

  • Is there an opportunity to dine afterwards?

    Yes, at all locations we have contacts with catering locations in the area to reserve 3-course choice dinners.

  • Up to what age or how many kg can a child sit in a rear seat?

    We do not use an age in this, but a maximum weight. The maximum weight for rear child seats is 22.5 kg. If the children weigh more, we recommend you look at a parent-child tandem. These can be booked through

  • Can I rent a child seat for the back of the bike?

    Yes, we have child seats for the back of bikes for rent. These can be booked at

  • Can I rent a child seat for the front of the bike?

    Yes, we have children's bike seats for rent. These can be booked at

  • Can I bring luggage on the bike?

    Yes, we can put a pannier bag on the rack. Here you can then put your things in it.

  • What brand are the electric bikes?

    We have Qwic brand electric bikes and the bikes have front wheel drive.

  • Does the bike have a low step-through?

    Our bikes have an average entry level, but we also have bikes with a lower entry level.

  • Are women's and men's bikes available?

    No, we have Unisex bikes suitable for everyone.

  • How many gears does the electric bike have?

    Our electric bikes have 7 gears.

  • How many kilometers can you cycle with the battery?

    You can cycle about 60 to 80 km with the support, it depends on the amount of pedal assistance used along the way.

  • From what height can I fit on the electric bike?

    This is possible from 1.50 meters.

  • Can I choose or create my own route?

    Yes, you can. The staff at the Veluwe Specialist knows the most beautiful places in the area and would also like to help you put together a nice route.

  • Can I rent the electric bike for several days?

    Yes, the prices you see on the website are per day. If you want to rent the electric bicycle for several days, that's no problem. You will get the charger so you can charge the battery at your place of stay.