Escape Tour Zwolle on the Veluwe in
Escape Tour Zwolle on the Veluwe in
Escape Tour Zwolle on the Veluwe in
Escape Tour Zwolle on the Veluwe in
Escape Tour Zwolle on the Veluwe in
Escape Tour Zwolle on the Veluwe in
Escape Tour Zwolle on the Veluwe in

Escape Tour Zwolle

From €29.95 p.p.
Zwolle Escape Tour Zwolle booking The Veluwe is of course known for its beautiful nature, but what many people do not know is that it is surrounded by very nice cities. And you can discover them perfectly with a Escape Tour! Let the app take you on a voyage of discovery through the city and carry out fun assignments. Are you successful? Then you will receive new clues that will help you find the secret exit of the city.

For years Zwolle has seemed like that quiet Hanseatic city on the river IJssel where nothing ever happens, but nothing could be further from the truth. Zwolle also suffers from notorious criminals and murderers who have a lot of power in the city. Such as Albert Wetterman, foreman of Zwolle's 19th-century underworld. At the time, several stories circulated about Albert. With the Escape Tour Zwolle you will learn all about this!

Albert had lived in Zwolle all his life and by now was quite famous and notorious, but because of that he knew all the nice places in Zwolle. He was also one of the few who knew where the secret exit of Zwolle was. If you complete the tasks correctly and follow the clues you will find the secret exit of the city.

A Escape Tour is simply played on your own smartphone and can be played in teams of 2-4 people. After completing the booking email Escape Tours you automatically get all the necessary information such as the start location and login details. Then you can start the game whenever you want!

  • With teams of 4, you can have an activity for as little as €7.50 per person!
  • To be played in teams of 2-4 people
  • Start the game whenever you want
  • Play time is approximately 2 hours
  • To be played in more than 45 Dutch cities

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play the Escape Tour at any time of day?

    Yes, you can decide what time you want to play the game. You play the game on your own smartphone and there is no attendant present. By following all the instructions you receive by mail you can start the game whenever you want. However, some places may be less accessible late at night. Therefore, we recommend playing Escape Tour during the day or early evening.

  • Is the Escape Tour suitable for all ages?

    The Escape Tour is made for adults and children ages 12 and up. This means that the riddles and questions are soon too difficult for small children. Thereby, the storyline is based on the city's history and the text is written for adult humor.

    Still, some children already really enjoy the occasional solution or navigation with the smartphone (the game generation), for them it might be fun to go along. For the younger kids we made 3 family versions of Amersfoort, Amsterdam and Zwolle.

  • Is the Escape Tour available in other languages as well?

    The Escape Tours can be played in multiple languages. Book them through the website of Escape Tours. On the cities page you can see exactly in which languages a city can be played by means of the flags behind the city names. All cities can be played in Dutch and English, and sometimes also in another language.

    Is there only a Dutch flag for now? Then it means that the translations are still to come. So keep an eye on the website!

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