Tips for a bike ride on the Veluwe (+3 route tips!)

Posted on 2020-10-29

The Veluwe is one of the most beautiful cycling areas in our country. It includes a very diverse landscape with interesting towns, picturesque villages and of course the National Park the Hoge Veluwe with woods, moors, fens, moraines, sand drifts and much more. You can go cycling here on the bonnefooi, as a kind of voyage of discovery, a day of mountain biking, road cycling or a mapped out route. In short, you can go in any direction, literally and figuratively!

A good start at the Visitor Center

If you want to go biking in the Park, it is smart to stop by the information desks after entering. In the Park Pavilion and the Museonder, in the middle of the Park, you can get information, cycling and walking routes, questions, and tickets for a guided tour of Jachthuis Sint Hubertus. You can also use the route planner and in the Museonder you can interactively learn a lot about the culture, history and nature of the Park.

Lovely cycling in nature

To take a nice bike ride on the Veluwe, it is nice if you can ride on your own comfortable bike. You can just use your own bike up the area. In addition, take an extra bicycle lock so you can also safely leave your bike for a while if you want to take a walk. You can also come to the Park by public transportation or car and use a free White Bike from the entrance. But of course this doesn't cycle as comfortably as your own bike.

More than just nature

Of course it's great if you spot rare animals during your trip, or come face to face with some wild boar or red deer. But also immerse yourself in the origins of the landscape and its cultural and historical background. For example, you can visit the beautiful Hunting Lodge Sint Hubertus whether it Kröller-Müller Museum. Also keep an eye on the monthly activities: safaris with a forest ranger, guided tours and hiking and biking excursions with a nature guide are often organized.

Route Tips

1. Castles & Palaces route

On the Hoge Veluwe are several castles and palaces and it is very nice to make a tour along these unique structures. For example, cycle from Hoekelum Castle, past the Ginkelse Heide, Paleis het Loo to Kasteel het Oude Loo, or discover other castles, such as the imposing Cannenburch in Vaassen, Kasteel de Vanenburg, Kasteel de Essenburgh and Kasteel Staverden.

2. Lakes Route

There are several lakes and ponds on the Veluwe. For example, cycle along the Veluwe Lake and make a stop at beach Horst or beach island Harderwijk for a delicious picnic. Ride back along the Zandenplas in Nunspeet and the Uddelermeer.

3. Watch Tower Trail

There are several lookout towers in the Veluwe and it is great fun to get off there and see everything from above.

Cycle an existing route or map out your own scenic route. The staff at Veluwe Specialist knows all the great spots and will gladly advise you with a nice route. You can use the bicycle junctions or the free To Go booklet with 30 junction routes throughout the Veluwe. Click here To rent a bike!

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