Explore Veluwe

Are you nature lovers? This fun route takes you through the forests of Harderwijk, across the moors at Nieuw Groevenbeek, and you can cycle across the photogenic Beekhuizerzand, a beautiful sand drift. Fancy a cup of coffee along the way? You will cycle past the village of Ermelo, but the old forest house at Drie, or the old tavern in Leuvenum, the Black Farmer, will also welcome you!
  • It's best to leave from Harderwijk!
  • Starting from Harderwijk, this route is 30.8 km long!

Tip Forest House Three

Fun fact! The building in which the restaurant is located is recognized as a national monument. Even King William III and Prince Henry used to be welcome guests here after the hunt.

Bike(s) rental
Bike(s ) rental